During a 8 week residency Supercluster co-founder Geert Vermeire immersed in the Zagori region in the North East of Greece, a junction of untouched nature and ancient culture, exploring Oika art as environmental and social healing, creating a new space for dialogue and fertilization of ideas and practice between artists, ecologists and scientists. The residency intended to apply and develop the Oika project in Zagori, with artistic practices of ecological intelligence and networked actions beyond Zagori. 

Oika practice generates a new language, concepts and the confidence to talk about and practice art in a way that matters in the Anthropocene. 

Together with the host, Panagiota Koutsoukou of EcoMuseum Zagori, Geert Vermeire initiated a process to regenerate the roots of the local community and nature of Zagori through collaborative art practice, contemplative responses to the land and walking experiences. This residency looked forward to future collaborative and collective Oika projects in Zagori, in alliance with EcoMuseum Zagori and the School of Arts of the University of Ioannina, for artists of all disciplines and backgrounds, giving them access to deep ecological insights, with walking as an artistic and ecological intelligence as methods. 

Funded by Culture Moves Europe program. European Union / Goethe Institut

Exploration of the Zagori natural environment as a learning and living ground how ecological systems work and how nature can amplify creativity and infuse art practice. This the beginning of a long term project, with much time dedicated to interaction with community and other artists. This includes the recent focus of Oika on NFT and Oikanomics, introducing the concept of a prosperity that results across all dimensions when all are in “right-relationship”, an expanded conception of Oikos/a (meaning home) coupling two derivative concepts; “Home” as being simultaneously ECO-logical and ECO-nomical. 

The residency experience will to create and publish Oikanomics digital artworks (NFT and othert), involving the community of Oika artists. A virtual gallery is being set up. It will also be a breeding ground to prepare a physical exhibition in Zagori, along with a website to explain the Oikanomics concept and the use of biomarkers in Zagori. A profound artistic inspiration was the tradition of transhumance, defining the past and present of the Zagori region, and I could participate in workshops with locals and shepherds living with transhumance. This aligned completely with Oika’s nomadic approach to art.