Community activities

With thought-provoking public engagement events we appeal to general audiences, such as remote walks, interactive online installations, augmented reality experiences, firekeepers discussions and talks around a virtual firepit, alongside collaborative artistic creation projects, courses and workshops, relating to the global crises of forced migration and climate change in a local and global perspective.

The Elephant Adventure

a workshop with David Merleau

Learn the essence of locative story-crafting with an elephant as your guide, with David Merleau, master radio theater storyteller from the Canadian wild, and the Supercluster team, teaching you how to:

Write a mini story in a collaborative way (with an Elephant game to get you going)
Record and edit your voices/recordings in a radio theater style
Geolocate the media on our interactive map / locative app

the Moon Walk

with Stephanie Whitelaw & Soazic Guezenec

The Moon Walk is a monthly remote walk via your mobile device at full moon, guided live by artists and moonwalkers Soazic Guezennec (France/Germany) and Stephanie Whitelaw (Scotland/UK).

Wherever you are in the world, you dark walk together under the light of the same moon, with texts, messages, images, recordings, prompts especiall created by the artists. They and many others around the world accompany your drift through the night.


taking care of the ambers

A space to gather, share our stories and connect around the flame. The fire pit honours this ancient way of being with each other and with the land in a contemporary virtual way. Firepits are led by a fire keeper, an Earth Storyteller who tends to a shared flame, supports the space for the stories of all participants to unfold and ignites new thoughts and ideas. All firepits around the world are archived, geolocated and mapped interactively by Locative Media Supercluster.

Libraries as Gardens

a project by Geert Vermeire

Online meetings

Monday to Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm (CET)

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