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Locative Media, Art, Science & Nature

Locative Media Supercluster is a meeting place for practice of Locative Media Arts, a diversity of creative expressions related to human movement in a more than human space, engaging the senses and the body extended with GPS, sensors, mobile devices, and interactive maps.

These new technologies allow new ways of collaborative art and collective storytelling, connected with each other and rooted in the Earth, overlapping with Art/Sci (Art and Science) and Eco-Art, ecological intelligent art. Exactly these intersections are thriving our activities.

Locative Media Supercluster brings together fragile places and inspired people with a more than human perspective, and in an embodied and critical approach to relevant contemporary issues such as our local-global crises of climate change.

We publish news on a regular basis, a way to discover new creative opportunities for our community. Stay informed to join courses and webinars for free, engage in festivals, workshops and residencies.

about the community

Connecting people and their places

Locative Media Supercluster intends to set a new horizontal and decentralized model for artists and organizations in community-based and ecological practices. We want to constitute a synergetic global network of agents acting as a catalyst to sustain and establish a socially and ecological engaged art practice. For this reason we host this community of like minded artists with a more than human perspective, by connecting people and their places.

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Online meetings

Monday to Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm (CET)

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